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1MORE Triple Driver earphones review: Stunning value, stunning sound

Inch audio is a rather young company based from San Diego, California which excels in funding friendly inear earphones. At a rather brief time, 1More has gained quite a reputation for itself among audiophiles because of its selection of sound products.

Its Triple Driver ear-phones particularly are extremely well-known and widely used amongst sound aficionados. Would be the Triple Driver ear-phones so good? Or can it be only an instance of undeserved hype? Let us Discover:

Actually, I really actually don’t mention it in the majority of cases. However, in this example, the packing is still just a sight to behold.

The layout is a little Similar to offerings out of Bose and Sennheiser – subtle, elegant and elegant
Opening the box shows that the ear phones themselves with the real history of the organization and also a little message written onto both sides – really a nice and private touchscreen. You can find hand drawn sketches of this ear phones and also their respective components scattered all within the box which contribute to your charm.

The accessories add a top case made from genuine leather, 9 sets of ear tips (6 manufactured from 3 and silicone made from polyurethane ), a top clip and also a double sided airline adapter. I’ve observed earphones/headphones which cost twice as far as the walkers which don’t arrive together with as numerous (so when large grade ) accessories like these.

Style and Design, COMFORT
The plan is a bit similar to offerings out of Bose and Sennheiser – subtle, chic and tasteful. Even the ear buds are produced from aluminum and also look and texture quite superior. In reality, the quality is topnotch plus there are no rough edges available.

The directional remote situated under the ideal earpiece is another story nevertheless – that the buttons are dimmed and difficult to press and also the standard of structure is uninspiring. It’s the only real blot within a otherwise exceptionally well considered, slick looking and well made set of ear phones.

Even the Tripe Driver ear-phones not just look good but can be comfortable to boot up. Even the ear phone housings aren’t so large making hearing them whilst lying very simple and cozy. The simple fact that the 3.5millimeter jack isn’t L-shaped — that reduces cable strain — is still somewhat disappointing.

The great number of hints offered within the box additionally ensure a fantastic fit. While your own personal mileage might vary, I can hear them all night with no distress or distress. As the addition of polyurethane recommendations is valued – that they are perhaps not one of the maximum quality and also can be ordinary.

Sound quality has become easily the most significant parameter in regards to estimating some of ear phones – together with design, relaxation and quality all forthcoming moment. The Triple passengers not merely seem superb because of its price tag, they conquer many ear-phones much above the purchase price ladder.

Sound touch

The lively driver cares for the bass and lower mids whereas the balanced-armature drivers have been tasked with tackling the top mids and highs.

This really is a mix that’s rarely seen at the pricepoint and also to its charge, it works quite well leading to a solid signature that’s somewhat impartial, step by step and easy moving.

Not one of the frequencies each other — both the highs, mids and much less or more have the equivalent presence in the good combination. But they’ve a marginally’V’ shaped noise touch at which bass and treble stick out. Bass is tight, regulated and punchy. It sounds real and natural without a artificial bloating.

While vocals are expressive and clear, mids are so marginally recessed.If you’re searching for ear phones with a high focus on mids, the Shure se215 provide an even more forwards vocal reply nevertheless they miss on clarity.

Treble is the point where the Triple walkers glow. The treble is more detailed, crisp and lively but not becomes unpleasant. They usually do not suffer with the unnaturally peaked highend answer which the priciest triple motorist Fiio F9 have problems with.


The 1More Triple walkers excel in design and tool separation. You may simply write out each different instrument and songs with numerous tool layers do not seem muddled. With this cost, you are going to fight to find this amount of detail and precision everywhere. The sound stage is nearly as great as you may get from ear-phones with the prestige.


1More provides 9 pairs of hints from the box 6 dimensions of saline hints and 3 pairs of polyurethane hints. The sound isolation with all the foam hints is excellent for passive noise cancelling earphones. The silicone hints aren’t ready to block this much outside noise however in my usage I felt the the foam hints do find yourself improving the bass marginally.

SHOULD YOU Purchase the 1MORE TRIPLE DRIVER Ear-phones?
In 1 sentence – yes. If you really care about sound quality and therefore are ready to spend just a little capital to improve your sound encounter, then your Triple Drivers offer a wonderful balance between relaxation, solid quality and value.

When there are always a couple of niggles here and there, even that the Counsel offer you great affordability for Rs. 8,990 and supply a smooth, fatigue-free listening experience having a solid signature that’s rather balanced. The degree of detail too way surpasses their own price. The simple fact that they’re incredibly comfy and well assembled is only icing on this cake.

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