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Bose SoundSport Free review: Truly great sound but it comes at a price

WHen businesses such as Apple chose to shed the 3.5millimeter headphone jack in their own smartphones, it began the inevitable means of going completely wireless over the upcoming few decades. To produce this work, every thing wireless should be equally as good or even much better than their wired counterparts. Wireless chargers will need to be a lot better compared to wired corded and wireless head phones will need to be a lot better compared to wired cans. That, nevertheless, continues to be a distant reality, however, we have been getting there. Apple’s solution into this latter was that the AirPods, the corporation’s first wireless ear phones. Definately not perfect, the AirPods did figure out how to initiate a brand new wave of wireless ear buds.

Launched early last year whilst the AirPods killer, the ear-buds made their solution into the Indian market earlier this season and also check out offer a lot more than that which Apples wireless ear phones provide. This is my overview of this Bose SoundSport Free.


Right from the package, you also will discover that the Bose SoundSport Free ear-buds appear big and far more prominent compared to the AirPods. Bose’s earphones have large, curved bodies which may stand from their ears a long time. They’re absolutely not as slick and slender since the AirPods, nevertheless they’re designed in a means which makes you truly feel far more confident whilst wearing them, understanding they won’t fall off – that is honestly among the primary fears with wireless ear phones.

The outside shell of this ear phones are where you are going to find every one of the controllers. The very top of the ideal ear bud sports that the amount controls and also a multi purpose button to answer calls or trigger Google Assistant/Siri. The abandoned ear phone has one button to wake up the SoundSport clear of turn or sleep on pairing manner. The buttons have been pretty tough to press and are not really made for simple usability. The most important positive point is the fact that the SoundSport Free has been IPX4 rated for perspiration immunity. I shot them out to get a jog and the ear phones did figure out how to carry well under profuse sweating and never once did it feel as they’d fall off.


The SoundSport Free ear buds are simple enough to dress in. Simply take them out from this charging instance and then fit them on your ears, so which makes sure the winged hints sit in the hollows of one’s ears. The tricks be certain they stay put on your mind and are tender enough you just won’t feel them as good. Surethey aren’t as simple to put up whilst the AirPods, however I still really don’t find that being a important matter. The silicone hints are tender and do not result in any discomfort. But as a result of their own tight design and style, you are going to begin to feel that the burden of it following an hour or so so. I had to carry out them usually allowing my ears to find a few atmosphere. If you are somebody who uses ear phones on / off throughout your afternoon, the SoundSport Free should get the job done with you fine. But I discover that the AirPods – having its lightweight and slender design – are more easier to stay on through the entire daytime. In reality, I usually forget that I have them in the first location.

The switches are both stiff and pressing and firm them requires a Lot of effort
The programs around the SoundSport Free are still among the greatest problems. They have been simply way too tough to press on. The amount buttons are both stiff and pressing and firm on them takes quite a little bit of effort since you’ll need to put a finger over the button and also a thumb beneath the ear-bud and squeeze together with your might. I scarcely made use of the buttons inside my period with the ear buds and generally seen controlling the amount or replying calls throughout the telephone to be much simpler.

The charging instance which is included with this SoundSport Free is the point where the ear phones are likely to be once you never make use of them. The instance is a bit more time than the magnitude of one’s hand and can be near 2-inches in diameter. Basically this indicates is the fact that the case won’t readily fit on your package and you’ll locate the bulge to become uneasy whilst sitting or walking. Even the AirPods, as compared, are available in a bigger and much neater instance that easily slips in to the pocket, which makes it more convenient to transport around.

Sound and functionality

Bluetooth ear phones are becoming better over the last few years. If you’d like a excellent sounding couple of wireless headset, then you’ll need to pay for a top. Apple is credited for creating main-stream wireless ear phones, but businesses such as Bose have tried to master the noise. Even the SoundSport Free earbuds sound fantastic and so are the best-sounding set of wireless ear phones on the industry at the moment.

I recently stumbled upon a Excellent little EP Named Ta Dhom Project from Viveick Rajagopalan. The five-song record comprises a combination of Carnatic, hiphop, jazz and folk among other activities, most which can make for exceptional headset testing. The title song, for example, includes an excellent bass line together side percussive tools such as mridangam and kanjira, which seem clear, different with a fantastic quantity of thump. This informs me that the SoundSport Free posseses a remarkable sound stage and also a fantastic bass kick. In reality, I found the noise to be refined and also the bass just a bit more conspicuous together with the Free than this cheaper Bose Soundsport.

I examined Tangerine by Led Zeppelin for obtain an concept of the way the acoustics perform. I was delighted about the noises made by the classical guitar strumming that hardly ever really overpowers Page’s vocals. All these songs on FLAC do seem better, however, the gap will be overly noticeable, that will be pretty sweet.

Even the SoundSport Free is really a well balanced couple of wireless ear phones that has the sound signatures directly. At approximately 50 percent volume, the noise really accumulates, and you are very likely to maintain them above 70 percent the majority of the days specially while traveling in the event that you’d like to genuinely enjoy these. They’re not great at blocking out external noise and that I presume you are very likely to love these indoors or in a quiet atmosphere.

I paired with a OnePlus 5T into the SoundSport Free mostly inside my period with the ear phones and found scarcely any Drop-in lag or connection when playing with music. There were several sync difficulties, nevertheless, when seeing movies. Only to make certain I attached with the ear phones into a i-pad and discovered there happens to be a fantastic half another lag in audio/visual sync. Even the SoundSport Free will not encourage apt x codec, that is fairly disappointing considering that the purchase price that you’re paying and also the deficiency of this really is noticeable.


Like I mentioned earlier in the day, the SoundSport Free will not get overly loud at ordinary volume grades. While travel or in a noisy atmosphere, you’re going to desire to continue to keep the amount levels near 80 to 90 percent, so that the battery will drain a significant little. Now, Bose asserts approximately 5 hrs of listening on a complete charge, however I got about 4 hours above 70 percent volume. The charging instance will juice the ear-buds 2 days before draining out that usually means you ought to get about 1-2 hours of overall battery lifetime.

Individuals seeking to utilize the ear phones for the large portion of this afternoon will wind up being forced to charge exactly the case in nighttime time. For anyone that on average use ear phones for approximately two hours a day, that the SoundSport Free should continue you approximately 45 days until you discover yourself reaching to your charger. You are able to keep your eye on the battery proportion of this ear-phones by assessing the Bose Connect program or simply by hearing the audio helper after turning them . There is no off switch perse on the SoundSport Free, hence the ear phones finally carry on standby mode once you put them straight back in case. You might even opt for the period of time that it requires to get into standby mode via the Link program.

Wireless earphones with ordinary sound is seen economical. Wireless earphones with sound audio will set you back. Many Thanks, Apple. The Bose Soundsport Free ear buds sound great which is really where it shines in relation to its competition. However, in Rs 18,990, the ear phones cost a ton more compared to the AirPods, that could now be found for approximately Rs 13,000. In reality, it is possible to locate truly wireless ear phones out of Bragi, Sony and also Jabra at less than R S 13,000 as good. But here is what, neither of these come close to the SoundSport Free so much as sound quality is concerned.

The contrast between your SoundSport Free and the AirPods is very easy – that the AirPods are perhaps not great on noise, however they really do look slick, provide smooth connectivity and also are very convenient to continue in its own instance. Even the SoundSport Free, alternatively, could very well be the best-sounding set of wireless ear buds on the industry at the moment and makes for an ideal sports ear phones too. However, the SoundSport Free ear buds are more bigger, pricier and much less attractive in contrast. This produces the decision fairly easy – head to your SoundSport Free for those who prefer genuinely wireless head phones which truly seem great and work well for your own work out, however if you should be trying to find something with flair and style, you will find cheaper options out there.

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