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Mivi Conquer Wireless review: Affordable Bluetooth earphones for bassheads

Bluetooth headphones are a dime a dozen nowadays and the requirement for them has been growing since a growing number of mobile manufacturers ditch the older 3.5millimeter headset jack. While businesses such as Bose and JBL deal with the luxury segment, we’ve got brands such as Sennheiser, Skullcandy and 1More that check out give consumers with cheap, non invasive wireless cans. Accessories maker Mivi is among many newer brands to get into the cans games. After launch the cheap Thuderbeats wireless ear phones this past calendar year, the organization currently provides the Mivi Conquer Wireless inear headset.

Even the Mivi Conquer are costing R S 3299 and will be discovered on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon India and also Flipkart. The ear phones are a couple hundred rupees significantly more compared to the Thunderbeats and includes a slightly distinctive design speech as well that plans to bring fitness lovers. Just as the Thunderbeats, the Conquer additionally intends to provide cheap wireless sound that’s bass forward. This is my overview of this Mivi Conquer.


The room lies in the top of a bigger plastic base that’s the point where the battery also resides. The exterior of this bottom gets got the Mivi logo inscribed in just a circular metallic plate. The Conquer does not arrive with magnetic locks just like the Thunderbeats, that will be unsatisfactory considering you are paying slightly more for the prior. Additionally, it features far more plastic generally compared to the Thunderbeats, that can be again quite unexpected.

The root of this Conquer is directly joined to the cable on one side along with overtheear hook on the opposite. The in line control comprises volume switches on either side of a multi purpose button which turns the ear phones off and forth, enables one to connect with Bluetooth devicesand answer calls and call the last dialed number by double-pressing on it.

Bluetooth ear phones just like the 1More iBFree look much more attractive and premium for exactly the exact same pricepoint. The headset supports Bluetooth 4.1 which lets upto 30 feet range in addition to Qualcomm apt x codec which will supply a top quality sound and sync with apparatus just like the OnePlus 5T which likewise encourage apt x. All in all, the Conquer will not supply a stylish appearance and will be much more underwhelming compared to the Thunderbeats inside this facet.


As for me, I find inear head phones using over-ear pins to be marginally debatable and hard to utilize. To begin with, they’re not the quickest or easiest to put up compared to this simple plug in ear buds. Even the over-ear hooks are supposed to avoid the earphones from falling away, which works specially if running. The wired cable which circles the throat increases the equilibrium. For those who do not obey the hooks, I’d say they are pretty cozy and business to stay to get two or three hours in a stretch and also certainly will delight fitness enthusiasts.

Overall, the Conquer does not supply an appealing appearance and can be Much More underwhelming compared to Thunderbeats
The ear buds provided are not the lightest which you are able to find and you should begin to recognize that following one hour or so so. You obtain two additional couple of ear buds together side just a small case to help keep the ear phones in. As the ear phones are attached by means of a cable, I discovered they often times get rid of balance whilst the cable changes in 1 side of their throat into the following, specially if running or training. This eventually ends up yanking the ear-buds down that will become quite annoying. Additionally you will feel a tug if you twist your mind into your right or left, and that means that you’re definitely going to wish to continue to keep your face direct the majority of that time period when wearing them. I think that the cable might have been marginally longer to keep up stability particularly for external pursuits.


There’s still a ways to go ahead blue tooth headphones generate the sort of sounds which can be delivered exclusively through wired cans. The costlier one perform an adequate job at it we are nonetheless to see amazing sounding couple of wireless sound products while in the budget department. So far as noise performance moves, your Mivi Conquer won’t dismiss off your mind, however they may please bassheads trying to find a inexpensive set of wireless earphones. The Conquer gives a punchy bass line, that can be arguably its main attraction, but this is usually at the cost of mids.

We analyzed a Couple of tunes like Pray for Me by Kendrick-Lamar as well as also The Weeknd, Say something by Justin Timberlake and Lose Your Self into Dance from Daft Punk Around the OnePlus 5T along with FLAC format. In most 3 songs, the bass is really candy and that is mostly because there are not a lot of different tools used With nominal tools, the sounds produced can be clear and explained. The treble may acquire high into this purpose it may acquire screechy sometimes that is likely to allow you to lower the amount.

Vocals can occasionally drown outside, particularly in music such as Castle in the Hill from Ed Sheeran as the highs are declared. Sound-stage is nominal therefore that you will look for a great deal of detail one of many tools playing in the back ground. That is particularly correct for songs such as Dancing Nancies from Dave Matthews Band where multiple devices come in drama with. Together with those songs, vocals seem muted as the tools seem littered and deficiency differentiation. You can get a little more clarity with FLAC, but again the arrangement isn’t readily accessible.

Allinall, the earphones are going to bassheads, but thats about it.
I discovered the ear phones are perfect fitted to R&B and hiphop genres which heavily rely upon bass noise signatures. In general, the ear phones are very likely to bassheads, however that is about this.

Even the Mivi Conquer includes passive sound cancelling, meaning that the ear phones aren’t likely to stop external noise all that well. Certainly one of the most notable facets to watch only at that pricepoint is the ear phones include Qualcomm apt x service that usually means you are very likely to receive yourself a more smooth and lag-free connectivity using apt x supported apparatus just like the OnePlus 5T.


Even the Mivi Conquer promises to supply approximately 10 hrs of battery life normally volume amount. That is basically true since I have roughly 7 to 2 hours after playing audio in above average amount levels, that will be quite decent for wireless ear phones with the magnitude. Even the ear phones may find pretty loud and pitchy at elevated degrees therefore many users will like keeping the amount level somewhere near centre, this usually means you should find approximately 4 days of battery lifetime together with approximately two hrs of listening per day.

The ear phones require roughly one hour and a half to bill by full via the MicroUSB port. The USB port could be understood on the face of the inline controller using a flap which will help protect it from perspiration.

In case you purchase the Mivi Conquer Wireless ear phones?

Blue tooth headphones in a price price point aren’t likely to deliver exemplary sound across music genres. They are going to in all probability aim a particular point – either bass or focussed mids. The Mivi Conquer concentrates over the prior and produces great highs for bassheads. The highs are somewhat loudly but lack clarity and sound stage. All in all, the inear headphones are adequate and really worth the selling price.

Only at that pricepoint, you can findn’t a lot of wireless ear phones this you may feature. The Mivi Conquer is going to be contrasted to the kind of 1More iBFree that’s priced approximately Rs 3,999. For just a small bit more, the iBFree provides an even more premium-looking couple of wireless ear phones and will be offering a marginally better sound selection. That said that the Mivi Conquer offers only enough for people who are searching for budget Bluetooth ear phones.

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