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SoundLink Micro Bose’s lowest blue tooth speake Review

It’s perhaps not just Bose’s lowest blue tooth speaker nonetheless however it’s also the very first fully waterproof and rocky that range from the company directed toward busy individuals.

By having an IPX7 water resistance evaluation, a rocky case made from rubber, a tiny framework and also a tear-resistant silicone strap – that the SoundLink Micro, written down , ticks all the ideal boxes to get a go-anywhere blue tooth speaker. But at R S 8,999, it’s not affordable.

Can the miniature SoundLink Micro warrant its perhaps not therefore insignificant price label? Let us Discover:

Design and construct quality

The SoundLink Micro, that appears like a squared-off hockey-puck, is offered in three different colours – black , midnight blue with orange and purple using plum. It’s rounded corners, which is exceptionally tiny and miniature and is made from metal rubber.

Even the SoundLink Micro may possibly perhaps not be one of the most prettiest blue tooth speaker on the current market however it is among the very hardy. Even the IPX7 water resistance ranking and silicon rubber outside ensures that the speaker is really capable of tackling such a thing from drops to dunks in plain water – make it clean, clear or sour.

You’ll Be hard pressed to Discover a speaker that this little that sounds this Fantastic
The tear-resistant strap is likewise a very nifty improvement that empowers the speaker to be more attached with a great number of items like belt loop, a bike handle, hooks at your kitchen or bath, a back pack – you also get the drift.

The innovative tear-resistant strap together with the water proofing and rocky casing leaves the Micro exceptionally versatile and helps it from being another portable blue tooth speaker. I dunked the Micro in plain water often times (whilst playing music) and medicated it quite savagely inside my 2 weeks of studying and I am delighted to mention it endured the ordeal with no hitch at all.

The quality is also first class – the micro seems compact, effective and capable of occupying years of misuse. The single chink in the armour may be that the MicroUSB interface for charging – that stands out of place at a universe that’s quick towards the USB C standard.

Sound Quality

Let us get 1 thing straight right from this box – that the Bose SoundLink Micro will not seem nearly as great because the now equally priced (although less small, rocky orwater resistant) Bose SoundLink Color 2. It lacks warmth along with the highs aren’t as clear and lively.

The mids are detailed and expressive along with the highs are sharp and bright – without becoming overly unpleasant. What’s striking is that the tool separation and layering – that surpasses the expectations of a speaker of the magnitude.

The IPX7 water resistance score and silicon rubber outside ensures that the speaker is really capable of managing anything from drops to dunks in plain water
As you’re able to obtain speakers for Rs 9,000 that seem fuller compared to SoundLink Micro, they’ll probably be lighter and more less rocky as the Micro. You’re going to be hardpressed to discover a speaker that this small that sounds that good.

In reality, it did a far better job in picking up my voice compared to its more costly sibling – that the SoundLink Revolve+ – that I reviewed a couple of weeks past.

Battery life, additional Capabilities

Happily the asserts are met very readily, albeit using music in 60 – 70 percentage volume. Blasting music at full volume can bring you marginally less battery lifetime. As stated previously, the clear presence of a micro-usb interface for charging is marginally unsatisfactory.

Installing the Bose Link application (designed for Android and i-OS ) unlocks several additional features like the power to place up an auto-off timer, even enable/disable voice prompts and also toggle the party style that lets you set numerous Micros or alternative SoundLink speakers together.

To put it simply – the Bose SoundLink Micro can be a true pricey but competent blue tooth speaker. If reliability, ruggedness and waterproofing are all crucial for youpersonally, the SoundLink Micro produces a superb purchase. As stated previously, you’re going to be hardpressed to discover a speaker that this small that sounds that good.

But in the event that you simply need the very best sound quality to the price tag, then you will find better options on the market in the SoundLink Micro for example Bose’s own SoundLink Color 2.

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